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Hydropower, the Greenest and most Profitable of all energy production methods is one of our specialties. With more than 20 Years of experience you can rely on us.

Traffic Technology

In Traffic Technology neromlyos is mainly focused on Green Energy Production. Our products ensure that your vehicles get charged with renewable energy over night.

Energy Storage

Battery life spans become longer by the minute. Invest in neromylos to hold yourself accountable for a greener planet and powerful energy reserves.


In the field of planning, we specialize in the areas of RENEWABLE ENERGIES, CONSTRUCTION and STORAGE TECHNOLOGY.

Construction Engineering

In the sector construction engineering we are especially happy with our competent employees, as they excel in even the most difficult of tasks related to resin injections and broadband internet.


neromylos has changed

After the sudden death of CEO Ing. Gerald Pall new decisions had to be made...
The company has been restructured...
The realization of power plants as well as turbines, water protection plants, prototype construction, desanding plants, manufacture of components for hydraulic steel structures remained.
In addition, due to the said situation, the field of expertise of neromylos has been extended to include the following areas: Electronic parking guidance systems, construction machinery rental, repairs of all machinery and equipment, manufacture and rental of pumping equipment for synthetic resin injections, repairs of recycling machinery, construction materials trade, etc.

With more than 20 years of experience, we implement small hydropower projects for our customers to generate green electricity.

In the course of time, a large number of components have been developed and tested over years, some of which represent a revolution in power plant construction off the beaten track. In addition to the Coanda and the prefabricated desander, which have been adapted by neromylos for rough power plant operation and partly developed in-house, we also have an eye on protecting nature. Thus, neromylos does not use hydraulics and the associated oil leakage losses. Instead, we use electric or pneumatic servo motors as often as possible. Another novelty is the flushing and separation of the grit trap (also called desander). The cross-flow turbine newly developed in 2013 also enabled us to set milestones in terms of economy and efficiency. The newly designed cutting geometry of the Pelton buckets is another revolution in power plant technology. To use technology to our advantage, while respecting nature and not destroying, but maintaining it, is the basic idea and our company philosophy.

What to expect

Apple Sand Filter

For almost 2 decades, neromylos has been involved in the purification of water and the separation of carried sediments such as.

  • Glacial abrasion
  • Sand
  • Stones
  • Foliage
  • Grasses, etc.

The sediments are diverted by our highly abrasion resistant multi-chamber lamella package system (which is also available as a spare part) in such a way that they are flushed out via a collection flushing pipe with minimum water use. The sediments are diverted by our highly abrasion resistant multi-chamber lamella package system (which is also available as a spare part) in such a way that they are flushed out via a collection flushing pipe with minimum water use.

The desander operates purely mechanically during cleaning. Only the fully automatic control of the flushing flaps is performed by our fully automatic nm2-e desander control system. Our sand traps have been reliably performing their work around the globe for tens of years without any malfunctions or abrasion worth mentioning.

Neromylos Apfelsandfang mit Microfilter
Desander with microfilter

The sand traps are made of highly abrasion-resistant materials. The special coating protects the sand trap from corrosion. During the last few years, laboratory tests have been carried out repeatedly, confirming that precipitates up to 4 thousandths of a millimeter in grain size are possible (drinking water desander). Likewise, the predicate "ecologically extremely valuable" was used by renowned biologists, because the flushing process is very gentle for the living creatures in streams and rivers. We provide 25 YEARS GUARANTEE on our sand traps against rusting, provided that the maintenance intervals are adhered to.

  • Cost-effective
  • Low maintenance
  • Highly durable
  • Low-wear
  • Grasses, etc.
  • Not visible to the outside world because buried in soil
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We are engaged in the manufacture of

  • Power plants
  • Modular houses

and provide a platform for our customers to offer their properties for sale. If you are interested in any property listed, please send us a short email. We will be happy to help you.

It is expressly noted that these are private sales directly to you and neromylos is in no way acting as a real estate agent. Accordingly, we do not assume any liability. We merely forward your inquiry to the seller.

On behalf of our client, we offer you:

  • A small hydropower plant in Austria, 50 KWH


We carry out your construction project from A to Z. The process starts with the initial consultation, through water and nature conservation rights, to the execution and detailed planning, the construction of the components as well as the maintenance, if desired. We can support our customers in construction supervision, discussions with authorities, construction negotiations and much more.



We see our task in the implementation of individual and overall projects that are not commonplace. New tasks inspire us to grow beyond ourselves. Challenges, getting things done, which are not commonplace, introducing and implementing new ideas, coupled with decades of know-how of our staff, are part of our tasks. To develop, what did not exist in this way yet and to express this task, with the help of the known physical formulas, implement and make it suitable for everyday use, is our strength. We love and live for mechanical engineering and are also able to define the electronic processes in such a way that functioning products are developed for you, our customer until they are ready for series production.