Our Competences | Your product from the future


We see our task in the implementation of single and complete projects, that are more than usual.

New tasks inspire us to grow beyond ourselves. The challenges of doing things that are unusual, bringing in new ideas and implementing them, coupled with decades of know-how of our staff, are our daily-based tasks. To develop, what has not yet existed in this form and manner, to express this task by using the well-known physical formulas and to make them suitable for everyday use, is our strength. We love and live for machine construction. We are able to define electronic processes in such a way that ultimately functioning products (which are future-oriented in their technology, function and form) comply to all customer’s criteria about serial production readiness.

It is particularly important for us to pay attention to the suitability for everyday life and durability of the products. In addition to the price of the finished product, the installation dimensions and tolerances as well as the service friendliness of the future product are already taken into consideration during the planning phase. For this reason, we are always up-to-date with the manufacturing and presenting technology of the prototype. Our products are designed on high-performance 3D computers. All gained insights are brought into formulas and various diagrams in order to be able to draw on a set of rules for similar problems that may arise in the future. Using the 3D plastic jet printing technology, each part is then premanufactured and tested to scale. After passing this preliminary test, the part can be in addition remanufactured on our MAHO 3D milling (1x1x1m machine travel). All data from our 3D drawing applications are sent online directly to the CNC machine, which then fully automatically produces the most complex contours with an accuracy of 2/1000 mm=0, 002mm from metal blocks.

Our CNC milling machine automatically picks up the appropriate tools from a 36-fold tool changer and is thus able to drill holes, threads, any 3D contours and surface textures without human intervention. The advantage lies in the fact that all errors caused by uncertainty human factor are absolutely excluded, e.g. at assembly production, measurement, data input, concentration errors, etc. Another advantage of this technology is the machine’s operational readiness over 24 hours a day/365 times a year. The customer always receives identical part again and again. The subsequent measurement of the parts and documentation of the measured values finally round off our work. We tend to use as many standard components of reputable suppliers as possible in order to ensure the worldwide usability and interchangeability of our products. Besides, we are able to carry out repairs quickly on site in the event of an emergency. Through our software, we are also able to monitor remote maintenance and error-early diagnosis of our plants worldwide. This technology allows us to order necessary spare parts at an early stage, even before the occurrence of material fatigue or a bearing damage. Moreover, a service date can be set up automatically with the plant operator.