From Vision to Reality


We build ready to use facilities in "Turnkey"

Your advantage lies in the complete realization of the project by our experts. You can sit back and relax while we build the facility for you. We will take care of your needs and make sure that the costs are kept within budget and that the quality and quantity of the components meet the high requirements of continuous operation. We take care of the preparation and calculation of the system components, their purchase and installation and keep you informed continuously. It does not matter whether you need a hydroelectric power plant, a building, or a prototype in civil engineering for a new or specific project.

Together we are going to solve your problem.

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Excerpts from our services

  • Competent initial consultation
  • Solution-oriented technical proposal
  • Support for regulatory approvals
  • Cost Estimation
  • Component manufacture
  • Component assembly
  • Approval of the product with inauguration ceremony
  • Maintenance(if desired)

1) Initial Consulation

  • Competent initial consultation
  • Cost Estimation

2) Planning

  • Submission planning, detailed planning
  • Submission and representation to authorities
  • Creation of a construcion time plan
  • Tender
  • Construction supervision
  • Billing
  • Cost estimation
  • Documentation
  • Approval of the product

3) Manufacturing

  • Metal construction production
  • modular Productconstruction (fast construction on site; cost-effective)
  • Parts supply by selected and well-known partners (long-term cooperation)
  • High degree of prefabrication in our halls
  • Component size: up to 14 tons; up to 40m length/ up to 6m width/ up to 6m height

4) Transport

  • Delivery of parts by special truck and/or ship. Parts up to 5.8m wide (special transport)
  • On-site assembly by own staff
  • In extreme cases, parts are dimensioned in such a way that they can be mounted by helicopter

  • Delivery and assembly of parts for pressure test in pipeline construction
  • Monitoring of the pressure sample
  • Creation of the pressure protocol

6) Commissioning

  • Recruitment work until the automatic operation is achieved
  • Documentation
  • Handover of the plant to the operator

7) Approval of the product

  • Approval of equipment by the authority

8) Maintenance

  • We also offer you complete maintenance
  • Warranty extension
  • Remote maintenance