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Coanda screens, as the name implies, make use of the so-called Coanda Effect to ensure an effective, self-cleaning and environmentally friendly water intake. The key lies in the unique tilted wedge wire system, which create a suction effect and thus absorb the water. Length of the individual modules is 1.5 m and 3 m.


It works like this:
The water is sweeping down the steep face of the screen with high velocity which ensures that all excluded silt and debris is flushed away. In this way the screen allows only clean water to enter the intake system, while excluding leaves, tree needles and silt particles. The excluded debris remains in the river, thus eliminating any need to dispose of material. In this way, only clean water can get into the supply pipes.

Our Coanda Asterikks has been developed as an exclusive and protected product, which is unsurpassed in its effectiveness!

If compared to a Tyrolean weir, our Coanda Asterikks offers a huge range of advantages:

  • effective the “swallowing power” and the cleaning effect depend on the slit width of the sieves, they are available from 1 mm – 12 mm; for example, a gap width of 3 mm results in a cleaning of suspended particles > 2.2 mm at 94% and a 100% cleaning of particles > 3 mm*
  • sustainable – cost savings through longer service life and less maintenance on the turbine
  • self-cleaning – needles and leaves are simply flushed down until they finally land in front of the screen
  • environmentally friendly – you do not need a complex, hydraulically operated, screen cleaning system with no danger from leaking oil
  • no icing – even at very low temperatures up to about -30° C; this results in a
  • increased annual output – as there are hardly any downtimes
  • uncomplicated – simple installation also possible directly into the dam, the screens can be replaced if required
  • durable – highly wear-resistant special stainless steel makes the Coanda Asterikks particularly stable against abrasions, the reinforced body withstands easily strong and heavy bedloads
  • fish-friendly it has been certified by ecologists and biologists that there is no risk of injury to fish. A catch of fish in the penstock is impossible!

* To maximize the longevity of your turbine, we advise you to add a neromylos desander to the Coanda Asterikks.

This makes the Coanda Asterikks an exclusive product that leaves nothing to be desired. See for yourself!

We offer you a 10-year wear warranty when concluding a maintenance contract.