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Hydropower desander

Drinking water desander

Debris catcher special types

Our desanders were developed and released for production in 2005, as sand and debris (residue) desanders. The aim was to save construction time and its related costs and to ensure rapid installation on site.

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Furthermore, the desander should be completely sunk in the ground, to protect people and animals from drowning and optically not to disturb the landscape. Another important argument was to make the flushing of the particles deposited in the desander fish-, crabs- and other water animals- friendly. We achieved this through a sophisticated flushing process in connection with our power plant control. According to experts, the desander is ecologically very valuable (see download DI PARTHL). The entire desander is divided into 2 chambers. These chambers contain so-called brake lamels, which reduce the speed of water by targeted deflection and guarantee deposition of sediment in front of the outlet valves. Self-developed highly efficient calculation programs guarantee the optimal design of the desander for your application. The use of the desander definitely guarantees the longevity of the following machines/turbines/plant components.