neromylos is expanding to Stuttgart

Before the beginning of 2019, our subsidiary in STUTTGART will be opened.

Due to the increasing demand for cars driven by renewable energy and our employee’s experiences in the construction of complete component groups for automotive industry, as well as the availability of planning and executing professionals at neromylos. Awaring these facts, we decided to establish a German subsidiary in 2018. Positive results of detailed inquiries and market researches, carried out in the first half of 2017, additionally corroborate our decision.
Particularly advantageous here is the experience of our managing director, Mr. Ing. Pall. Mr. Pall has been designing bodywork drawings for a German premium manufacturer from Ingolstadt and worked for several years on various models. Our new design manager, aswell, comes from the automotive industry and will provide his gained knowledge to customers. The aim is to provide the local customer with competent expertise and work together to find solutions for a clean future in the automotive sector. Renovation work is currently taking place at the office building. Herewith, 25 jobs will be created by the end of 2019.