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Since 1996, we have been authorized to work and plan as an engineering office. During this time, we have delivered significant contributions and work to our customers. The spectrum ranges from design planning to construction supervision of turnkey plants. We are specialized in the field of RENEWABLE ENERGY, RADIO and STORAGE TECHNOLOGY.

We offer you:

  • concept studies

  • draft plans

  • production plans

  • assembly plans

  • exploded-view drawing

  • building permit designing

  • component calculation

  • calculation of profitability

  • statics

  • plastic model making

We deliver following formats:
-2D, dxf, 3D, step, 3D plastic models
-paper sizes up to 980 mm width and 50 m lenght; CD, USB/SD/μSD stick, etc.

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Furthermore, we are able to supply you our own designed components in 3D, as a plastic object, or as CNC milling object in metal construction. Hence you are immediately able to have a spatial impression of the finished object and can easily imagine the material utilization.

For more than 15 years, we have been planning complete systems (including authority procedures):

  • mobile telecommunication stations (more than 7000 single-station sites) – Europe and Africa

  • hydroelectric power plants (more than 100) – Europe

  • wind turbines – Europe

  • buildings and halls – Europe

By us developed and patented and/or design protected products:

  • desander/sand trap in precast construction

  • Coanda Asterikks screen

  • house construction in CUBOX construction

  • cross-flow turbine Obelixx

  • dynamic residual water discharge

  • carport including charging/filling stations for end consumers (electric & hydrogen)

Together with our specialists you will find the right solution.  We are looking forward to advise you!