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Residual water discharge

The neromylos residual water discharge regulates the dynamic amount of dispensed water, as determined by the authority in the Water law permit, depending on the actual water supply and records the delivered water volume in the 15-minute time interval (interface to the neromylos control nm2 and nm3 available; compatible with all other controllers).

Function: The dynamic residual water discharge, which was developed by our engineers, has been in use for more than 15 years. It uses pressure, velocity sensors, an IDM (inductive measuring device) and a sophisticated calculation program to determine the amount of water at the point of discharge. The control unit is programmed to evaluate and average the quarter-hourly values, thus opening the valve flap so that the optimum setpoint specified by the authority is always maintained. The data is recorded internally in the controller for up to 2 years and can be transmitted and evaluated at any time by electronic means to any PC. The dynamic residual water discharge can be installed in the transverse structure – retaining wall (to save space), or as a stand-alone unit including housing (retrofitting). Our devices are calibrated with recorded values accepted by the authorities.