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Pelton turbine

Cross-flow turbine

Neromylos deals with the research, calculation, production and commissioning of water turbines to generate electricity up to 10 MW (10 megawatts = 10,000kW).

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Through our self-developed and in practice proven calculation programs, as well as the support of Professor K. Franjić (formerly professor of fluid mechanics at the University of Zagreb/Croatia), we are able to adapt turbines and their calculation in the shortest time individually to the circumstances of the customer. This guarantees that the turbine is designed for the most efficient operation and ensures an optimal cost/benefit ratio for later decades of use. The materials and the structure of the turbines were designed to minimise subsequent maintenance costs. The availability of the turbine in daily use is also an essential prerequisite for the use of our turbines. For this reason, we are already paying attention to the use of as many standard parts of reputable companies as possible. This provides a worldwide and rapid availability of the components if necessary. In addition, components such as central lubrication units for the bearings, temperature queries, running smoothness of the rotor and various other parameters can be permanently monitored and recorded via the power plant control and, if necessary, an incoming problem can be remotely sent to the customer via SMS. Worldwide all plants are integrated into our data center. Thus, we constantly have the customer’s turbine in view and see when the next maintenance is due, or for example, a bearing should be changed. By using this system and as far as possible the same standard components, we are able to carry out repairs on the turbine within a very short time.

In addition, our turbines are checked for wear during every maintenance. Through this process we have now reached a quality standard that our turbines have an availability of almost 100%. In case of proper maintenance, usage of desander for drive water debris removal (according to our specifications) and lubrication of the turbine, operating periods of up to 80 years are to be expected according to today’s view. Only the bearings are to be changed after 50.000 hours of operation.

All our in-house turbines are 3D constructed on state-of-the-art computer equipment, the structural parts are converted using a CAM program and manufactured on our CNC machines with an accuracy of up to 0.002 mm. Only for balancing the rotor, we need foreign aid.

This perfection throughout the manufacturing process results in the customer getting a quiet, low-vibration and low-noise turbine (for example 6-nozzle 850kW Pelton turbine with 79dB of noise at full power 1 meter from the turbine…and euro coin remaining on nozzle case!).

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