desander for hydropower plants

neromylos desander for hydropower plants

neromylos steel constructed precast desander - it´s exactly what hydraulic engineering business has been waiting for!

The laws of physics, used in connection with technical formula and calculations, make it an advanced and highly efficient product that is already setting new standards in the field of water quality. It is now being used not only in power plant projects, but also for drinking water purification.

Product details

The neromylos steel constructed precast desander consists of one or more series-connected modules - up to 120m in length (394 ft). It is completely buried in the ground and achieves remarkable results there:
The desander cleans water from 96%of debris larger than 1,3mm (0.05 inches)!

This is made possible by the special arrangement of plate packs inside the body and our ingeniously-designed control system "nm3". The control is located in a maintenance shaft, which is the only part that remains visible after installation and commissioning.
This control, nm3, can communicate with any Siemens S7 in the power station building, but also has the capacity to work entirely autonomously if required.
The water level is detected by a pressure probe, and infrared sensors measure the degree of turbidity at the same time. Based on this data, the nm3 then initiates an optimum wash cycle through the movement of progressive adjusting flaps. On the one hand, this enables the turbine to function continuously during the wash process, while on the other hand the short, frequent flushing leaves hardly any sediment in the stream bed. That means fish spawn are not affected by turbidity or deposits, and conditions on the river bed remain as close to natural as possible.

If you are not yet convinced, please go ahead. The advantages of the desander speak in our favour:

  • individually-designed by our specialists
  • rapid construction in our factories
  • incredibly fast implementation - moved, installed and backfilled within one day
  • significant decrease of wear on pipings and turbine wheels
  • increased annual output - no need to shut down the turbines during flushing process
  • extended life-expectancy - due to the use of extremely wear resitant steel
  • invisible - he is completely buried in the ground, only the access chamber remains visible
  • ingeniously - control system nm3 provides fully automated operation of the flaps; with water level detection and infrared sensors to measur the degree of turbidity; initiates an optimum flush cycle
  • very environmentally friendly flush cycle - leaves hardly any sediment in the stream bed; hat means fish spawn are not affected by turbidity or deposits
  • unbeatable - the price-performance-ratio

(To achieve the best results, we recommend the desander be combined with a Coanda Asterikks.)