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Attachment panels for quick growing-frame components for agricultural and construction machinery

Our goal is to produce a system for cost reduction in the use of agricultural and construction machinery for our customers. The use of our product reduces the working time and physical effort of each worker who works with agricultural and construction machinery with different tools. For this purpose, we can produce attachment plates for quick growing-frame components for faster change of different tools in your agricultural and construction machines for shipment in a very short time. With these mounting plates, your employees, or you yourself, sitting in the cab, can change all the tools for your agricultural and construction machines at the push of a button - without having to get off or on the vehicle. This increases your productivity, because you simply have more time available and also because your employees or yourself will have more don´t have to use as much physical strength during such workdays.

System components

In addition to mounting plates for growing-frame equipment, you can find system components according to your requirements: from mounts for wheel loaders or excavators to hydraulic equipment for the respective machines.


We are also happy to produce prototypes, which are needed for your technical demand.

Specialty Products

A special use of our company can be found in our special products. Sustainable designs of synthetic resin injections for special construction, sewer rehabilitation, building construction, hydraulic engineering and tunnel construction extend our high quality program. In addition to these synthetic resin injections for sealing cracks in buildings or other trades, we are also happy to provide you with day-waterproof cast iron manhole covers or simply the cast iron or plastic piping you need for your hydraulic construction.

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Synthetic resin injections

Synthetic resin injections are used for anchoring, strengthening and, above all, sealing a wide variety of structures. Through neromylos injection resins and pumps, as well as accessories, you seal your facility perfectly.


Attachment frame / growing-frame

The attachment frame, also known as a growing-frame, as the name suggests, connects hydraulic circuits when changing tools from the operator's cab in the shortest possible time at the push of a button.