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Synthetic Resin Injections

Due to cracks, the load-bearing capacity of a wide variety of materials can be negatively affected. These can form for a variety of reasons. Examples of such would be weakening of the concrete, or errors in either the design or construction. To secure and maintain the value of your structures, neromylos offers synthetic resin injections. Here, two methods can be used: On the one hand injections for waterproofing and on the other hand force absorbing injections.


For both, we use polyurethane resin, a very flexible material that resists movement well, epoxy resin, which is characterized by high chemical resistance, that is, high durability, high adhesion and a low weight, or a mixture of both to solve your problem optimally. For humid surfaces, we use Hydropox, which is also an epoxy resin, but due to its relatively low mixture viscosity, it can withstand a more humid atmosphere than normal epoxy resin.



First, cracks are drilled at an angle and provided with high-pressure packers (injection packers that serve as filler in the drilled hole), and plugging (process of sealing cracks on the surface to prevent filler from escaping) is mostly necessary. After that, we at neromylos mix the injection in the optimal ratio and inject the resin. After a short time the resin is dry and your problem solved.

procedure glas-with-resin