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Coanda rakes, as the name suggests, make use of the so-called Coanda effect to provide an effective self-cleaning and environmentally friendly water intake. The key lies in the angled mesh bars, which create a suction effect, absorbing the water.

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This works as follows:

The water slides over the steep surface of the rake at high speed. As the water shears over the sharply edged sieve bars, materials are carried down and collected in front of the rake. At the same time, a suction is created that pulls the cleaned water inside the body.

Coanda Asterikks

The Coanda Asterikks we have developed as an exclusive and proprietary product that is unsurpassed in its effectiveness!

Due to its special design, the Coanda Asterikks of neromlyos brint a whole range of advantages, especially in comparison with a Tyrolean Wehr:

*(in order to be able to optimally guarantee the longevity of your turbine, we recommend that you connect a neromylos desander (sand filter) in series to the Coanda Asterikks.)

This makes the Coanda Asterikks an exclusive product that leaves nothing to be desired. Convince yourself!

We offer 10 years wear warranty if you sign a maintenance contract.

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