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Apple Sand Filter

Neromylos has been engaged in the purification of water and the separation of entrained sediments for 2 decades, such as


The sediments are diverted by our highly wear-resistant multi-chamber lamella package system (which is also available as a spare part) in such a way that they are flushed out via a collecting flushing pipe using the least amount of water. NO FILTER CHANGE NEEDED!

The Desander operates purely mechanically during cleaning. Only the fully automatic control of the flushing flaps is performed by our nm2-e control system. Our sand traps have been working reliably around the globe for tens of years without any problems and without any significant wear.

The desanders are made of highly wear-resistant materials. The special coating protects the grit trap from corrosion. During the last years, laboratory tests have been carried out again and again, confirming that precipitation up to 4 thousandths of a millimeter grain size is possible (drinking water desander). Likewise, the predicate "ecologically extremely valuable" was used by well-known biologists, because the flushing process is very gentle for the living creatures in streams and rivers. We grant on our sand traps 25 YEARS GUARANTEE against rusting through, provided that the maintenance intervals are kept.


  • Cost-effective
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • Low wear
  • Not visible to the outside world because buried in earth
  • Quick installation