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Residual Water Discharge

The neromylos residual water discharge controls the amount of water to be discharged dynamically as specified by the authority in the water rights notice depending on the actual water supply and records the specified amount of water at 15 minute time intervals (Interface to neromylos control nm2 and nm3 available. Output values also compatible with other controls).

Function: The dynamic residual water discharge, which was developed by our engineers and has now been in use for more than 15 years, uses pressure, speed sensors, an IDM (inductive measuring device) and a sophisticated calculation program to determine the pending water quantity at the discharge point. The control system is programmed to open wide enough to ensure that the optimum setpoint prescribed by the authorities is always maintained. The data is recorded internally in the control system for up to 2 years and can be transmitted electronically to any PC for evaluation at any time. The dynamic residual water discharge can be installed in the transverse structure (retaining wall) to save space or as a stand-alone device including housing (for retrofitting). Our devices are calibrated. The recorded values are accepted by the responsible authorities.

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