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Steel Water Construction

Steel Water Construction forms an important element in the overall function of the future power plant. The field of application ranges from the discharge slide gate, safety platforms and railings to the prefabricated residual water discharge. We also prefabricate the dam and other relevant components in our factory, install various cabling and reinforcements, and divide the components so that they can be quickly moved and assembled on site. This reduces the cost of fabrication and assembly on site. All parts that come into contact with water or moisture are of course hot-dip galvanized, guaranteeing the longevity you have come to expect from neromylos.

Base Drain Gate Valve

We will be glad to supply you the slider model we use several times. For the seal between the slider and the slider blade frame, we use durable and planed lark wood instead of Teflon. The advantage lies in the independent adaptability due to the slight swelling of the wood. This eliminates the possibility of stones getting stuck between the slider blade and the frame during closing, causing leaks. If desired, the slide drive can be powered by a motor.

  • Purely mechanical (with a crank)
  • Electric (230 or 400 V)
  • Hydraulic

Fish Migration Aid

or also called fish ladder, is also produced by us in the form of metal basins with larch wood. In this case, the data processed and analyzed by our fish biologists according to the standard and adapted to the constantly changing requirements of the nature conservation authorities. In addition to the quick and inexpensive production, you get a fully functional fish migration aid that is and tested by ecologists and authorities several times and has been proven to work in everyday use



We design, manufacture and install all types of pedestals to customer specifications. Precisely fitted, fast and efficient.


Dam Wall

Our experience has shown that it takes a lot of effort to form and fill a dam wall on site. In addition to weather events such as rain and floods, the constant presence of river water is also a hindrance to work. That's why we invented a bolt-on, patented system that allows us to move your intake structure and fill it with concrete in just one day. This method of operation preserves the nature and the watercourse and, consequently, the ecology. Due to the short-term intervention in the flowing water, only minimal suspended particles are stirred up. These agitated suspended particles are settled in a prepared sedimentation basin before the water is returned to the original course of the river in a purified state. After the first element is moved, the diverted water is already flowing over the future slide opening.


Dynamic Residual Water Discharge

Our residual water discharge discharges the mandatory water percentage(minimum amount) over the fish ladder or a blank panel of the Cneromylos Coanda. The additional amount of water that can be supplied with a 20% ratio of the actual water supply is determined by height sensors and the power at the turbine by means of our nm3 (neromylos power plant control) and transferred to the residual water unit, which is located at the dam or retaining wall. There an electrically driven control valve works, which measures the actual flow rate by means of an IDM (inductive measuring device). These values are in turn permanently compared with the calculated values of the power plant control and adjusted if necessary. The actual water values are then stored in the internal memory of the nm3 for up to 3 years and can thus be proven to the authorities at any time. We are happy to fulfill special requests such as a digital display at the residual water discharge.