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Pelton Turbine

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Advantages of neromylos Pelton Turbines:

  • Customized production and design
  • Proprietary blade design with inclined blade
  • Use of bearing parts from well-known manufacturers FAG, SKF
  • Non-contact and thus wear-free sealing system on the entire turbine
  • Silky, smooth and quiet running of the entire turbine (79dB at 1m distance from turbine housing)
  • Extremely low vibration due to special and precisely fitted component design
  • Nozzle tip easily adjustable by patented system
  • High efficiency up to 92.1%
  • Turbines from 1 to 6 nozzles and individual output up to 10 MW
  • Special vent pipe in the turbine vessel, for better clearing of the water from the inner wall of the turbine
  • EMERGENCY OFF jet deflector with low resistance of the deflector head during operation
  • Nozzle actuators electric with emergency power buffer
  • No use of hydraulic oil for systems up to 3MW (environmental damage due to leakage)
  • Long service life of nozzle components due to special steel
  • Impellers extremely resistant to abrasion (measured on turbines in operation for over 10 years)
  • High availability in daily use, because of extremely low maintenance
  • Globally unique price/performance ratio
Usually we use 2 different materials depending on the application:

1) Nitrided steel (for Poseidon turbines; suitable for very high drop heights)

2) Stainless steel (for AGLAIA turbines; suitable for small to medium drop heights), as well as for use in drinking water power plants)

Pelton Turbines are suitable for use in power generation at high drop heights of up to over 1000m slope. This type of turbine can be very finely adjusted by designing the number of nozzles (water quantity divisible by up to 6) and the speed to take both the minimum and maximum water quantity to be expected into account. The efficiency is very high, since the turbine can be very precisely regulated switching the nozzles on and off, if the calculation and design are correct, and can thus be operated at the optimum operating level. Due to the specific case of the high drop heights, it is extremely important to pay special attention to the purity (desanding) of the turbine water. Even the finest particles in the water lead to enormous material abrasion (comparable to a grinding wheel) due to the high pressure and the energy converted into speed in the nozzles.

neromylos places special emphasis on the fact that each individual case is calculated and designed separately. Subsequent manufacturing on our most modern CNC machines guarantees the accuracy of the parts in the range of thousandths of a millimeter. Due to this special processing we are able to produce parts in recurring quality. This results in only minor corrections when the impeller is subsequently balanced. Here we do not use balancing weights, which could fall off over time, but determine the position and size of the holes on the computer-controlled balancing machine, which removes material where it is required and thus leads to the optimum balancing and concentricity result. Each impeller is provided with a balancing certificate and documented. The blades (17 to 25 pieces) are screwed onto our patented hub system by means of bolted connections and are secured positively and non-positively (against rotation). The advantage here, lies in the interchangeability of individual blades.

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